• A2 – Air System

    ‣ Breathability is ensured by mesh material
    ‣ Weight distribution and stability are optimized by a reinforced steel frame, that features 4 staves
    ‣ Soft pads with special breathable foam ensures effective ventilation
    ‣ Adjustable shoulder straps


    Clothing line for women.

  • -10°С

    Comfort temperature rating
  • Norfin Dry

    The process implies wicking moisture from the body to the surface of the material in hot weather. The moisture quickly evaporates from the surface of material, thus refreshing the body and improving comfort.
  • -35°С

    Comfort temperature rating

    High quality, synthetic insulation made of polyester microfibers, which trap the warm air close to your body, providing you with warmth and doesn't absorb moisture. THERMO GUARD insulation doesn't cause allergic reactions

    High quality material, covered with a layer of DuPont® Teflon ® which protects it from wet and dirt.

    High quality material, that perfectly holds the insulating, warm air and retains the warmth of the body. Because of the breathability of the material, clothing made of NORTEX BREATHABLE is pleasant and comfortable. When moving the excess moisture and sweat are discharged to the external layers of the fabric, while the body warmth is retained thanks to its thermal insulation features.