Feeder Concept is full feeder fishing tackle manufacturer. We have more than 20 years of continuous product development and testing experience. The product line consists of more than 500 high quality products. Our products are developed by professionals with the help of serious anglers. Feeder Concept products uses the highest quality materials and latest designs, to ensure an angler is provided with TOP QUALITY fishing tackle for unforgetable fishing experience. 


Feeder Concept Rods

Feeder Concept rods will satisfy even the most demanding anglers. The rods are made of  High quality materials and components and are tested by fishing professionals. 

Our rod assortment is devided in two product series - Tournament series and distance series. Tournament series combines high quality, lightweight fishing rods with extra high performance characteristics. However the Distance series focuses on rods that are designed for long and extra-long casting distances without losing accuracy at a distance of 80–100 meters, medium-fast action.

Feeder Concept Reels

Feeder Concept reels are powerful and suitable for both - Feeder fishing rods or bottom fishing rods. The main features of our reels are good braided cord application rates, good balance, low spool weight and very competitive price. Our fishing reels stands out with its power and thoughtful details to give you the best results. Click below to learn more!

Feeder Concept Fishing lines

Feeder Concept lines assortment combines high quality  Braided and Monofilament lines for fishing. Our monofilament lines are made of high quality materials, which allows to achieve increased durability and strength, while providing high sensitivity and elasticity. Our braided lines are made of high quality 4 strand PE fiber, which provides maximum strength, durability and sensitivity. 

Feeder Concept Terminal Tackle

Our Terminal tackle assortment combines high quality feeders and other fishing tackle for unforgetable fishing experience. Our fishing tackle is made of  High quality materials and components and are tested by fishing professionals. Don't settle for less, when you don't have to! Click below to learn more!

Feeder Concept Clothing

Feeder Concept fishing appareal is designed to ensure as convenient fishing experience as possible. Are you looking for trendy fishing appareal that looks great and is functional? If so you should definitely click below, to learn more.

Feeder Concept Accessories

Are you looking for high quality fishing bags where to store your precious fishing tackle? Or maybe you are looking for multi functional landing nets?  If so you should definitely check out Feeder Concept accessories category. We have everything you need for convenient fishing experience!


Feeder Concept is a brand that produces high quality fishing products for feeder fishing. The staff includes leading specialists and professional anglers. Thanks to this, Feeder Concept represents only the most popular and demanded products for feeder fishing on the market. The brand is part of the international company Salmo Group.