As the temperatures are getting colder, NORFIN is proud to present 2 outstanding models of fleece jackets: NORFIN OUTDOOR and NORFIN NORTH.

You can use these comprehensive jackets on their own, as a outer layer, at moderate temperatures, or as a warm mid – layer, when the temperatures are way below 0°C. The fabrics excellently match the base and outer layer, ensuring a high level of protection in cold weather. The jackets are tailored using the latest production technologies of fleece materials NORFLEECE THERMO and NORFLEECE THERMO +. These high – tech fabrics feature very good insulating abilities, providing high performance protection at low temperatures. The fast drying, durable material doesn’t wear out and keeps its essential abilities for a long period of time. All of these and many other features make these NORFIN jackets a very important component of your winter gear.