For many years NORFIN has been a reliable partner, offering you a wide range of clothing and accessories, to provide the ultimate protection in any weather conditions. The high quality standards, functionality and durability of our products has been highly valued and appreciated not only by experienced fisherman, but also by many outdoor enthusiasts, who understand the importance of equipment.
The main criteria, that is most important for NORFIN as a brand, is to provide you with everything that can make your leisure outdoors more comfortable, and most significant – more fun. We don’t want you to be thinking about anything else but you and your beloved way of spending time outdoors, where you can be close to the nature.
NORFIN will keep you warm at freezing temperatures, protect you from wind and rain, also give you shelter in the hot summer days – everything to let you enjoy the nature, which can be so unpredictable.
2014 NORFIN opens new opportunities for fishing, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. The leading experts from Europe have developed a wide range of tourism furniture, tents and sleeping bags to make your holidays even more comfortable and fun.
Put your trust in us, just as we trust and value the nature. NORFIN will be your reliable partner, no matter weather it is just a short walk in the park with you pet or a long, hard journey true the extremely freezing Siberia.

Everyone of us shares the love to nature. Some of us love fishing, some are true hunters, some enjoy hiking, camping or cycling. Every type of leisure differs from the other, therefore each of them also requires the correct clothing and equipment.


Classic colors and modern design, the combination of high quality materials for practical perfection and maximal comfort. Products of this collection will be perfect for every fisherman. It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or a professional for years, the Fishing Collection will provide you with everything to ensure your comfort.


Made for hunters, fisherman and everyone else who want to blend in with the nature. All products in this collection benefit of a modern, high quality camouflage.


This collection is developed for active tourism. The high quality, low weight and volume makes the products of this collection perfect for hiking and cycling trips.


Take your wife and children to the lake or see for the weekend. The large, roomy tents of this collection will be just like your second home, offering enough space for your whole family and all the luggage, even the camping kitchen.