What is the reason for us to leave our beloved, comfortable home and go outdoors, looking for some adventures. To go hiking, mountain climbing, to spend a weekend fishing on the river or lake, to become one with the forest while hunting. Nature calls us and is able to seduce our mind in a variety of ways. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t leave the comfort, if we wouldn’t want it.

A very popular outdoor activity is camping, which essentially combines a variety of leisure activities. Hiking and biking trips, as well as fishing and hunting when an overnight stay is required.

The choice of the tent is realy important. If you are hiking or mountain climbing, important will be the size, light weight and durability of the tent. When you are camping with your family or friends, it will be great to spend time in a large, spacious tent with several rooms, entrances and wide vestibules, but hunters will choose a compact camouflage tent to stay invisible for the prey’s eyes.

The wide range of NORFIN tourism product line includes four collection series of tents – FISHING, CAMO, SPORT and FAMILY, which are specifically designed to providing the opportunity to choose the most appropriate tent model for your comfort.

The FISHING collection offers tents with 2-4 person capacity, which are specially made from a durable, reinforced material, RIPSTOP, with a polyurethane coating. The waterproofing rate of the tent is 4000mm or 6000mm. The tent floors are made of a high quality OXFORD polyester material, which is well known for its water resistance and light weight. The poles of the tents are made ​​of aluminum or fiberglass. Those who don’t want to waist their time assambling a tent can  choose one of the automatic tents from FISHING collection.

The CAMO collection is made for hunters, fisherman and everyone else who want to blend in with the nature. All tents in this collection benefit of a modern, high quality camouflage.

As the name already says, the SPORT collection is designed for people who like active movement – those of us who love hiking, biking or mountai climbing. The lightweight and compact, 2-3 person capacity tents won’t slow you down and they don’t require much space for the assamblement.

The FAMILY collection tents will be perfect if you want to relax outdoors with the entire family or friends. The 3-6 person capacity tents are very spacious, they have multiple entrances and multiple detachable rooms, large vestibules to store your bikes, luggage or to arrange a kitchen and freely enjoy dinner in case if it suddenly starts to rain.

So be wise and choose the right tent, to enjoy the outdoors and NORFIN will take care of everything else.