For the new winter season 2014 – 2015 NORFIN has improved the popular winter suits: ARCTIC and ARCTIC RED. The main improvement is the higher waterproofing rating of the three layer membrane material, which is now 4 000mm.  Our designers have also increased the functionality and perfected the outer appearance to the smallest detail. To improve the suits lifetime, we have used strengthening materials with higher durability. The color of chest pocket inserts and the form of side pocket flaps has been changed, making the suits more attractive. Due to numerous requests of anglers, the visor of hood is now a little bit wider, it hasn’t lost the form, but now the snow and rain will get less in the face and detract from fishing. For easy donning over boots, the bib and brace’s leg bottom has optimized form and the length of zipper was increased.

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Two-piece suit made especially for fishing, hunting or just recreation in the nature in autumn/winter/spring seasons. The suit is made of NORTEX BREATHABLE material which provides partial water resistance and complete wind resistance. The light THERMO GUARD insulation ensures warmth and comfort at temperatures as low as -25°C

Waterproofing: 4 000 mm
Breathability: 3 000 g./m²/24 hours
Insulation: THERMO GUARD

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The hood is adjustable on the front and on the back, to perfectly adapt the depth and volume of the hood to your head.

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The jacket is equipped with flexible attachment straps for a life vest.

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The jacket features a two – way open – end YKK zipper with protective flap.

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The jacket features two large chest pockets with zippers. There is a small plastic hook for secure attaching of keys in the right chest pocket. The third chest pocket is hidden behind the main zippers flap for additional protection during strong precipitation.The inside of the jacket features a pocket with zipper for your documents. The jacket is also equipped with two side packets with flaps and two additional side pockets beneath them.

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The jacket has a adjustable waist.

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The sleeve cuff’s feature adjustment straps with velcros. The comfortable cuff’s feature a hole for your thumb.

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Elastic, length-adjustable suspenders.

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Two – way open – end YKK zipper with protective flap.

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Elastic, adjustable waist.

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Two spacious side pockets with flaps.

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Adjustable leg bottom with zipper and protective flap. The internal snow gaiters will ensure additional protection against snow.

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In the conclusion we offer a comparative picture of the former and the updated suit NORFIN ARCTIC RED.

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In addition to a good winter suit, don’t forget about the comfort of your feet!

The warm and comfortable, lightweight winter boots, NORFIN ARCTIC, made of EVA material with rubber sole, feature a high quality THINSULATE insulation. The will perfectly match your new NORFIN ARCTIC RED winter suit and you can use these functional boots in temperatures up to -40C. The three layer, 10mm thick brass ensures reliable thermal insulation.

Adjustable abrasion resistant nylon protection from snow, with buttons.

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Lightweight EVA material and rubber sole with deep protectors.

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A small pocket with flap for accessories.

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Choose high quality winter fishing gear, dress properly, and you will feel comfortable even in the coldest winter weather.