While spending many hours in an open area on the ice, with a cold wind blowing, being surrounded by wet snow and splashing water,  when it might seem, that the frost is doing everything to make us freeze, you will learn to truly appreciate a good pair of winter boots.

They have to combine such highly valuable qualities as warmth, comfort and durability. The boots must be able to protect your feet from environmental exposure, while providing maximum comfort, allowing your feet to feel as comfortable as in the warm slippers, you wear at home. Fully understanding the obstacles we might face in winter, allows us to manufactured boots, which are perfectly suitable for ice fishing and other outdoor activities in extreme winter conditions. The combination of modern materials and ergonomic construction, provides a comfortable wear in temperatures as low as -30˚С.

NORFIN DISCOVERY boots are available in two colors: NORFIN DISCOVERY – black, NORFIN HUNTING DISCOVERY – brown camouflage. The boots have small differences in design and construction. NORFIN HUNTING DISCOVERY boots are a little bit lower.

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Multifunctional winter boots, made especially for ice fishers. They will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -30˚С.

Outsole: RUBBER with EVA shell
Insulation: Thinsulate 400G Altra (100% polyester)
Removable liner:  perforated foil, synthetic felt, Nylex foam, Thinsulate 400G Altra insulation

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The durable laces and hooks ensure a strong and comfortable fixation of the leg.

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The upper part of the boots has an ergonomic shape to improve the fixation of feet.

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To optimize the thermal protection, cushioning and support, the mid-sole of the boots is made from a lightweight EVA material. The lower part of the sole is constructed from highly durable rubber with deep protectors, specially designed to increase stability and adhesion, preventing you from slipping.

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To further enhance stability and long wear, rubber reinforcements are placed on the front and heels.

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The boots feature a warm and soft, removable liner.

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The removable liner of the boots features several layers including heat reflective materials – synthetic felt (Polyester) and perforated foil. For additional warmth and comfort of your feet, the inner lining of the boots features also a high quality Thinsulate 400G Altra insulation and Nylex foam.