For years hunters have been using camouflage to become unnoticeable for the pray. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right one, according to the season and type of hunting. NORFIN HUNTING CAMOUFLAGE SERIES are designed from real-life forest image. They present amazing 3 Dimensional effects, lifelike image, incomparable ultra-high definition and contrast. You can melt into the natural environment no matter where or when you hunt. The innovative high definition printing technique reflects the real-life image and holds its stereoscopic feeling for a long time.The multi-layer background elements and overlapping limbs in the camouflage pattern create a peerless 3D effect. Every hint of shadow design increases realism and depth. NORFIN HUNTING CAMOUFLAGE SERIES include five patterns of camouflage and each of them serve different purposes:


Hunters always need the STAIDNESS camouflage for hunting everywhere.


PASSION camouflage works in any forest surroundings.


The design of PASSION GREEN camouflage has more olive green leaf than any other camouflage.


RITZ camouflage leads the waterfowl market because ducks ignore it.


Wearing the SNOW camouflage, you will become one with the snowy landscape.