These soft, noiseless fleece jackets are windproof, moisture resistant and breathable. Designed to repeal wind and water, using the latest technologies of fleece fabrics – NORFLEECE SHELL, these durable jackets may end up being one of the most functional pieces of your clothing. Worn as an outer, they shield you from cold winds and shed light precipitation. Pulling double duty, the outer jacket effortlessly transitions as a light weight mid-layer, trapping valuable heat close to your body. With these features and flexibility the NORFIN HUNTING THUNDER PASSION/BROWN  and NORFIN HUNTING THUNDER HOOD STAIDNESS/BLACK are truly a piece for all seasons and can be worn on two sides – camouflage or single color. NORFIN HUNTING THUNDER HOOD features a lightened hood, to provide extra protection and comfort for any of your chosen activities.