Norfin Hunting summer clothing line

In year 2014 NORFIN is introducing the new NORFIN HUNTING summer clothing line, which meets all high standards of clothing for hunting, combining maximum comfort, lightness and breathability, and has been developed especially for hunters. We primarily care about the well-being of our clients, therefore we have selected the best and most durable materials, to help you overcome any obstacles and to prevent discomfort. Every product of NORFIN HUNTING summer clothing line features a high quality 3D camouflage color. They present amazing 3 Dimensional effects, lifelike image, incomparable ultra-high definition and contrast, allowing you to melt into the natural environment no matter where or when you hunt.

NORFIN HUNTING COMPACT PASSION camouflage rain suit is made of a high quality, breathable material NORTEX BREATHABLE, using the noiseless NORFIN SILENT MATERIAL technology. It features high water resistance and is especially light weight, allowing great freedom of movement and protecting you from wind and rain. The camouflage color PASSION allows you to melt into the natural environment of any forest surroundings.


NORFIN HUNTING COVER STAIDNESS – a noiseless, waterproof poncho, made of breathable, high quality material, NORTEX BREATHABLE, is a must for every hunter. Designed using NORFIN SILENT MATERIAL technology, this camouflage poncho will provide excellent protection from wind and rain. When not needed, you can easily put it in a small bag, which comes with the poncho.


NORFIN HUNTING REVERSABLE VEST is made of a durable and windproof material NORFLEECE SHELL. This high quality material will protect you from cold wind and light precipitation, therefore it is recommended to use this vest as a second layer when the temperatures are close to 0°С and lower, or as an outer on its own, when a warm winter jacket is not required. This vest can be worn on both sides, which feature different coloring: PASSION on one side and ORANGE on the other.


NORFIN HUNTING SAFE VEST will allow you to be visible for other hunters. Made of durable POLYESTER material, this feather-light vest will endure seasons of intensive use. NORFIN HUNTING SAFE VEST fastens using elastic straps with Velcros, which makes it easy to adjust.


NORFIN HUNTING ALDER are light, fast drying short and long sleeve shirts, made of durable POLYESTER material in PASSION GREEN and PASSION camouflage colors. They are perfectly suitable in hot summer days.


Three NORFIN HUNTING summer hats in camouflage colors PASSION, PASSION GREEN and STAIDNESS. The hats fasten with Velcro straps. NORFIN HUNTING PASSION GREEN HAT features a camouflage net, that covers neck and face.


NORFIN HUNTING KLONDAIK CAMO boots are perfectly suitable for hunting and fishing in summer. The upper part of the boots is made of a durable, lightweight and waterproof material EVA. The boots feature a removable insole and a durable RUBBER sole, which ensures excellent protection against accidental cuts and other damage, that can occur while wearing the boots. This perfect combination makes NORFIN HUNTING KLONDAIK CAMO boots much lighter then similar boots, which are fully made of RUBBER.


NORFIN HUNTING summer clothing line products will allow you to enjoy every moment of hunting and feel the adrenaline, providing comfort, regardless of the weather.