The 6th World Championship of Ice fishing took place from 18.02 – 23.02. in Belarus and Norfin was the main sponsor. It wasn’t hard to notice that Norfin winter gear was also very popular not only among the participants and judges, but also among the audience and there was a wide range of Norfin winter suits to see.
For example, all the Latvian national team members wore the Norfin Extreme 3 (Limited Edition) winter suit. The training took place at a time when it was getting warmer and the air temperature approached 0 °C, and we could see the Latvian national team members taking the detachable outer jackets off and training only in the light and warm inner jackets of their winter suits.
Most of the championship judges were also dressed in such Norfin wintersuits like Extreme 3, Extreme, Arctic, Thermal Guard, as well as the new, slightly lighter, mid-season suits – Norfin Verity.
The most popular among the audience were Norfin winter suits Arctic Red and Extreme 3.
It was a great pleasure to see the popularity of Norfin in the world championship. There was a wide range of models, starting with the older Norfin Extreme 2 and ending with the most recent – new Norfin Discovery winter suits.