Specially designed wind- and waterproof jacket NORFIN PEAK THERMO is made of a durable material NORTEX BREATHABLE and benefits of a light THERMO GUARD insulation, providing you with warmth and comfort. At the same time this jacket is very light and compact, and takes a minimum of space, when not needed. NORFIN PEAK THERMO is perfectly suitable for chilly spring and autumn days, when the temperatures range from 0°C – +15°C.peak thermo news

The durable, high quality material NORTEX BREATHABLE will protect you from strong rain and wind. It lets the moisture evaporate away and keeps you warm, ensuring comfort and high performance. breathable news

Waterproofing: 8 000 mm/ cm²
Breathability: 5 000 g/cm²/24 h
Insulation: THERMO GUARDnorfin logo news

The jacket has a adjustable waist and lower part to adapt its fit to your body and to prevent you from losing warmth. The adjustable lower part ensures additional protection from strong wind. The inner jacket features a mesh lining to improve the ventilation and breathability. kostimi_webam3

The functional jacket features two spacious chest pockets with waterproof zippers, The third chest pocket is hidden behind the main zippers flap for additional protection during strong rain. You can keep your documents safe in the jackets inner pocket and your hands will feel warm in the comfortable side pockets, which also feature waterproof zippers with flaps.kostimi_webam11

The deep hood is adjustable on the front and on the back, to perfectly adapt the depth and form of the hood to your head, so that the wind doesn’t tear it off and you can feel totally safe and dry during a strong rain fall. peak hood news

The sleeve cuff’s feature adjustment straps with velcros. The elastic cuff’s feature a hole for your thumb. kostimi_webam12

The additional ventilation openings with zippers in the armpits will be very handy at high activity and warm weather.

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Start the early spring fishing season with the insulated, functional and lightweight NORFIN PEAK THERMO!