Norfin Titan


Its the peak of winter and the low temperatures probably have, or are about to reach the maximum level, so many people will think, that it is way to cold to spend some quality time outdoors…we are not even talking about ice fishing outside cities, where the temperatures are lower and the cold winds make it even worse. The main reason a lot of people might think this way is because they dont have the proper clothing, that withstands low temperatures.

This is where NORFIN has a few option. One of them is our winter suit NORFIN TITAN which is designed to provide unlimited warmth at extreme cold weather conditions. You will feel comfortable in temperatures as low as -40°C, while looking at others freezing.

-40°C … How is that possible, you will ask!!!

NORFIN has combined the high quality HOLLOFIL insulation material with natural down – DUAL THERMAL SYSTEM – to ensure maximum protection. The outer shell is made of a special, windproof, but still breathable material NORTEX BREATHABLE, which wont let the cold winds get to you. The multi – functional design and highly durable materials will protect you from the elements and ensure warmth for many seasons. All these and many other great features, make this suit simply perfect for ice fishing and other outdoor activities in extreme weather conditions.

See ya’ll on the Ice!