During ice fishing we are spending a long period of time in open areas, exposed to cold wind, low temperatures, snow and rain. As we all know, it can not only cause discomfort and be disturbing, but even harm our health, therefore, it is highly important to reduce the heat loss to minimum.

It has been proven, that approximately half of the heat loss occurs through an uncovered head. That is why warm, high quality head gear is so important. A good winter hat has to protect your head, retain warmth and provide maximal comfort.

But it’s not always easy to make a choice, since there are so many different winter hat models nowadays.

NORFIN offers a wide range of high quality winter hats in different shape, functionality and color. Everyone can choose a hat, that suits him the best, weather it is a classic winter hat in neutral tone, or a colorful hat for active recreation.

NORFIN winter hats are made of following materials:

1.  NATURAL FUR – natural material which benefits of high thermal and breathable abilities -natural thermal regulator. Very soft and comfortable.

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Classic hats NORFIN ARDENT, made of waterproof, breathable membrane material, NORTEX BREATHABLE (100% Polyester), with natural fur lining.

2. FLEECE – Hats, made of this synthetic material (100% Polyester) are especially lightweight, soft and comfortable. The material is highly breathable and features great thermal abilities. Fleece doesn’t  cause allergies and is very smooth, that is why it is often used as lining for hats, made of different materials.

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NORFIN hats, made of fleece.

3. WOOL – Natural material, which ensures warmth and comfort. Wool features good thermal abilities and is breathable. Very popular and often used for socks and hat knitting.

4. ACRYLIC – Synthetic material, which is used as an additional component with natural wool or, as a replacement of it, on its own. Hats made of acrylic are lighter and softer then analog hats made of wool. Acrylic doesn’t  cause allergies, but has lower thermal abilities than wool.

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Hats, made of acrylic and wool, with fleece lining.

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Hats, made of acrylic, with fleece lining for women.

5. FAUX FUR – Textile material, which imitates natural fur and is very often used in clothing and head gear production. The main advantage of this material, compared to natural fur, is its relatively lower costs.

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Classic winter hats with faux fur lining.

6. POLYESTER –  Synthetic material, which benefits of low weight, high durability and breathability. The material is also breathable and can be waterproof when used with membrane or PU coating.

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Windproof hats, made of waterproof, breathable membrane material, NORTEX BREATHABLE (100% Polyester), with fleece lining.

It is important to have the right winter gear when the time comes to step on the ice, so don’t forget not only about your comfort, but also about your health. Even if your winter jacket has a hood, you should still wear a good, warm winter hat!

Choose one of NORFIN winter hats and you will be ready and prepared for any challenges in any conditions!