Norfin Yukon

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Winter boots made of EVA material with removable insole ensure continuous thermal protection at temperatures as low as -50°C. Rich in micro bubbles (foam rubber), the material has perfect thermal insulation abilities and is lightweight. The boots weigh 30-40 % less than their rubber or PVC counterparts.

Three-layer 12 mm liner ensures secure thermal insulation.

  • polyester layer – ensures thermal insulation, absorbs and wicks away moisture,
  • foil repels cold, maintaining the body temperature,
  •  felt layer retains warmth, thus ensuring necessary thermal insulation.

Two removable insoles, provide excellent insulation from cold when standing on ice.
Snow protection is made of durable nylon and is fixed by snaps.
There is an elastic neoprene insert sewed in the front part of the insole that allows easy putting shoes on and off.
Boots are featured with two removable footbeds: in the insole and between the insole and the bottom; they keep heat during long-term dwelling on ice.
Inside three layers “breathable” footbed of the insole is made of the same polyester that the insole is. The lower perforative insulation is of width 7 mm and made of neoprene.
The boots have bottoms with protector for ice gliding prevention. The upper is provided with snow protection made of wear proof nylon with button-push clamper.

Material: EVA



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