Looking for the perfect winter suit to protect you from the cold winter weather, keep you comfortable, warm and dry, and provide mobility? The new winter suit NORFIN HUNTING WILD is specially designed for tough conditions, with the help of many experienced hunters from Russia, Scandinavia and Baltic’s. It will be perfectly suitable for hunting, that involves a lot of walking and hunting from a stand. We have combined optimal fabrics with the most advanced waterproof and breathable materials NORTEX BREATHABLE, to outperform any weather conditions. Our new winter suit is developed for the active hunter and fulfills all of the requirements you expect from durable, high quality winter gear. This hunter suit is made of „silent” material and will protect you from wind and water, without losing it’s breathability. HOLLOFIL insulation collects body heat and wont let you get cold in temperatures up to -30°C. Both side pockets of the jacket have a built-in cartridge holder.  The elbows and shoulders of the suit are covered with a special, non – slippery material. NORFIN HUNTING WILD is available in two different camouflage colors – SNOW and PASSION which will allow you to get incredibly close to the pray.